Doctor's of BC CPRSP Deadline... Your Christmas bonus!
James Gauer

It is that time of the year again, when Doctors around BC receive letters and emails in their inboxes boosting their Christmas bonus from Doctors of BC. Their RRSP matching entitlement...

Should you elect to use the quick method of accounting for GST/HST?
Patricia Kennedy

Less paperwork and easier calculations, welcome to the quick method!

Voluntary Disclosure Program and Proposed Changes for 2018
Patricia Kennedy

Have you not submitted your taxes in years and know you owe? Are you concerned about the potential penalties and interest on those taxes?

Do you have foreign assets and have never filed the proper reporting of them with CRA?

You may need to consider the Voluntary Disclosure Program...

Unfair taxation changes to small businesses across Canada
Don Olsen

Do you have a small business?

Are you a professional with a corporation?

Do you have a holding company that is providing your retirement? 

The proposed changes to the current tax system that unfairly tax small businesses will affect you. See how you can respond... 

GST 101: Season 01 Episode 01
Patricia Kennedy

This is your first year of working for yourself, but you haven't been charging GST... Should I have been charging GST?

I have created a 2 part blog to de-mystify GST and provide some 'Ins' and 'Outs' to help you and your future endeavours! Click below to read more.