Medical Professionals

With expertise in accounting and taxation needs of Medical Professionals, Gauer Olsen has a long history of providing accounting services for doctors, dentists and specialists.

All medical professionals receive customized tax planning, accounting and tax services to suit their needs. We will assist you through all stages of your practice from:

  1. Deciding on when to incorporate
  2. Customizing a tax planning to make your taxes as efficient as possible
  3. How to structure investments for tax purposes
  4. When to introduce a Holding Company

With the latest secure and encrypted online technology, Gauer Olsen is able to deal across all platforms and on a mobile level. No longer does being On-Call or hospital visits restrict you from securely signing documents or uploading urgent files.

By deciding for Gauer Olsen, you are investing in your future and commitment to your tax efficiency. Contact us and come in for a coffee to discuss your accounting and tax needs.